Reporter 401, 6 May 1997


Scenic root

Norma Hines
Brotherton Library

I agree wholeheartedly with the contents of the letter from John Griffiths (Reporter 400) and endorse his thanks to the Grounds and Gardens staff. I must admit that I take the “scenic” route from Orange Zone car park (oops, sorry, can I mention that word?!) and through Clothworkers’ Court to the rear entrance of the Brotherton Library in order to admire the wonderful display of trees, shrubs and plants en route, not forgetting the bird song on the return journey at home time!

Keep up the good work!

Enterprising idea

Dr Vic Rogers
Textile Industries

Dr John Rowe (‘Visions of a Concrete Sunset’) need not panic! The proposed new St George’s Fields car park would still leave many ‘green’ areas throughout the University campus, viz the numerous flower-beds, landscaped grassy hillocks, and my own cactus plant window box, to name a few. It would also make an excellent site for weekend car-boot sales, rock concerts, steamroller rallies etc., which would add substantial revenues to our impoverished University, and increase our profile in the local community. It is, however, also important to improve access to and through the University campus; a road joining the main entrance in Woodhouse Lane cutting through the heart of the University to Clarendon Road would relieve the dangerous congestion at the barriers caused by queueing cars and vans, and facilitate traffic flow. It is purely coincidental that this road would pass under the Textile Industries Link building, for which we would have to charge a toll.

Leave of absence

Michael Passey
Faculty of Law

I have been informed by a knowledgeable informant that the Vice-Chancellor is about to take ‘partial leave of absence’. Would you please include in your next issue a report of this matter explaining:
(i) whether the Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration will be reduced during his ‘partial leave of absence’?
(ii) what is the extent of the reduction in his duties to Leeds University during his ‘partial leave of absence’? For example, how many days will he devote to his Vice-Chancellorial duties?
(iii) for how many months will this ‘partial leave of absence’ continue?

The Vice-Chancellor’s leave of absence is so important that you should provide your readers with a full report. See page 3

Fond farewell

Barbara Moreton

I would like to thank all my friends, colleagues and students for the cards, presents and good wishes I received on leaving the post of Adviser in Disability Services at Easter.

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