Reporter 401, 6 May 1997

Essex - Top County for Boy and Girl Racers

Research that demonstrates that where you live has a big influence on what you drive has been conducted by market strategists GMAP Ltd. In an analysis of every car currently on the road in the UK some interesting results emerged. For example

Some of the other findings show that despite all the foreign competition the UK's most popular car is a Ford. Amongst male owners the most popular car is the Ford Escort, whilst with females the most popular is the Ford Fiesta.

The research has come from an analysis of the DVLA database of 28.6 million which contain records of all current vehicles which were released earlier this year. GMAP whose head office is in Leeds has been appointed a DVLA licensed agent on the basis of its experience in handling car industry data. They have also been one of the fastest agents appointed to analyse the data and offer the data for sale in a variety of formats.

Professor Martin Clarke, Chief Executive of the GMAP Group explains "This data provides an invaluable information source for a variety of different market analyses in industries such as motor insurance and automotive retailing. It also provides a fascinating barometer of affluence and lifestyle by small geographical areas. For example in Harrow 7% of all vehicles are either BMWs, Mercedes or Jaguars while in Galashiels this number falls to 1.8% The data which is updated regularly will allow companies to accurately target markets and plot local trends to plan successfully for the future."

The DVLA data reports is just one of the services offered by GMAP as its role as strategic management consultants to many international blue chip companies. GMAP is one of the largest and fastest growing University companies in the UK. GMAP's current client base include Ford, Halifax Building Society, WH Smith, BP Mobil, Barclays Bank, Midland Bank, Storehouse and Smith Kline Beecham.

For further information, please contact Alison Purver at GMAP Ltd. GMAP House, Cromer Terrace,Leeds LS2 9JU. Tel no.+44 (0) 113 244 6164 Fax no.+44 (0) 113 234 3173

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