Reporter 401, 6 May 1997

Enthusiastic support for pilot design project at Leeds

Students, staff and visiting professors have given their enthusiastic support to a multidisciplinary design project based at Leeds University.

The scheme began in 1995 when the departments of chemical, mechanical and civil engineering and the school of materials were successful in their bid for funding towards three Royal Academy of Engineering visiting professors in the principles of engineering design. The 1995/6 academic year saw the first pilot project, with staff and two students from each of the engineering departments becoming involved.

The pilot project was a feasibility study of the recovery of used antifreeze, with students having to consider commercial, logistic, environmental and technical factors. The design started with the scenario that legislation would prohibit the disposal of used antifreeze.

Students had to estimate the quantities of antifreeze available for recycle by obtaining data on the number of vehicles in use, the frequency of change and volume of used antifreeze and the method of collection. They also had to decide whether to process it locally, regionally or natonally, to select the appropriate technology and to find a suitable site.

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