Reporter 400, 21 April 1997

Short on size - big on speed

Components smaller than the cold virus making up devices only a few atoms in length are being developed at Leeds. The Centre for Nano-Device Modelling takes its name from technology now being developed on the nanometer scale - one nanometer is one billionth of a metre. But nanotechnology is big in the University and the new centre will bring together work in the Departments of Applied Mathematical Studies, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Physics and Astronomy and the Centre for Self-Organising Molecular Systems under the directorship of Dr Eric Cole.

A team led by Professor Chris Snowden is modelling and designing nanotransistors - their size means it takes less time for an electron to travel from one end to the other so the transistor can respond much more quickly to external signals than a larger device. Higher frequencies can be handled leading to greater capacity for transmitting information, and possible uses include digital television links between studios and transmission sites.

Further details are available at the Centre's web site

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