Reporter 400, 21 April 1997

Obituary : Dr NHE Gibson

5th December 1916 – 18th February 1997

Noel Gibson spent his childhood on the south coast and in London, and began his BSc at University College, London. However, when his family moved to Yorkshire around 1938, he transferred to Leeds University and completed his first degree here, taking the London External examination. His Leeds Ph.D. was in applied Entomology.

During the War, he worked for the National Agricultural Advisory Service, which, for part of this time, had offices on the University campus; and he was subsequently invited to join the University staff. He remained in the Department of Agriculture (in its various incarnations) until 1980, thus completing an involvement with the University which spanned more than 40 years.

He was a deeply conscientious, caring, cheerful and popular teacher and colleague, and also entered into extracurricular activities wit energy and imagination, acting in the Staff Dramatic Society in his early days, and later participating in Agricultural Society debates and the organisation of departmental Christmas parties.

HE was a devoted husband and father, and began his retirement a year or so early to look after his wife Enid, whose Alzheimer's disease had progressed to the stage where constant attendance was necessary. He nursed her with selfless dedication until her death in 1993.

The term most frequently applied to him in the letters and tributes received after his death was 'gentleman'. He would have appreciated that, for, used in the best sense, the word expresses those qualities of integrity, courtesy and duty which he valued so highly.

Catherine Gibson

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