Reporter 400, 21 April 1997

Question time for vote-seekers

The AUT and the University Union have jointly organised a question time on Higher Education, where questions can be put to parliamentary candidates for the Leeds North West and Leeds Central constituencies. The session forms part of a nationwide campaign by the AUT aiming to make higher education a general election issue and to influence key marginal seats. Two key objectives of the Union's manifesto are increased funding for universities and the creation of a pay review body for academic staff are the manifesto's two key objectives. Money is needed at once for a 'new blood' scheme, it says, and students should be offered more personal attention in return for a promise they will work hard.

As part of the campaign local AUT associations are being mobilised to persuade prospective parliamentary candidates of the importance of university issues and of gaining the support of academic and student communities. The rolling programme of activity throughout the UK, targeted particularly in marginal seats such as Leeds North East, will aim to raise key higher education issues in every university constituency. The hustings meeting will be held in the Riley Smith Hall at 1pm on Thursday April 24.

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