Reporter 399, 17 March 1997

Pay increases set for April

The 1997 salary increase will be paid in April following resolution of the pay dispute.

Staff will be awarded either 2.9 per cent or the Retail Prices Index figure - whichever is higher - and another 0.5 per cent on top for manual staff.

Since the RPI figure for March will not be known until mid-April, it has been decided to pay an increase next month, to be topped up, if necessary, in May. The RPI figure for February was 2.8%. Clerical staff will receive their rise in July, as usual.

New salary scales are available on the Reporter web site.

The April 1996 pay rise - also settled last month - was implemented in February for clerical staff and will be in March pay packets of technical, ancillary, academic and academic-related staff.


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