Reporter 399, 17 March 1997

Faculties, Resource Centres and Departments(1)

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Modern Languages (1)

Sub-Faculty of Arts

School of Classics
School of Philosophy
Department of Fine Art
Dept of Theology & Religious Studies
Department of Music

School of English

School of History

School of Modern Languages

Dept of Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies
Language Centre
Department of East Asian Studies
Department of Linguistics and Phonetics
Department of French
Department of Russian & Slavonic Studies
Department of German
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Department of Italian

Faculty of Economic and Social Studies, Education and Law(2)

Leeds University Business School

School of Continuing Education

School of Education

School of Social Sciences [Title subject to further discussion]

Department of Politics
Department of Law
Department of Sociology and Social Policy

Institute of Communications Studies [to be decided]

Faculty of Biological Sciences (3)

School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Department of Microbiology
School of Biology
Department of Pharmacology
Department of Human Biology
Department of Physiology

Faculty of Earth and Environment

School of Earth Sciences

School of Geography

Leeds Environment Centre

Institute for Transport Studies

Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

School of Mathematics

School of Physical Sciences

School of Chemistry
Department of Food Science
Department of Colour Chemistry
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Faculty of Engineering

School of Civil Engineering

School of Computer Studies

School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering

School of Process and Environmental Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering
School of Materials
Department of Fuel and Energy
Dept of Mining & Mineral Engineering

School of Textile Industries

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health(4)

School of Dentistry

School of Healthcare Studies

School of Medicine

Nuffield Institute for Health

School of Psychology

Resource centres are shown in bold italics

  1. Precise title subject to further discussion
  2. The following alternative title has been suggested: Faculty of Business, Education, Social Science and Law
  3. A policy group is being established (involving the six HoRCs, an additional member of each of the School of Biology and the School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the two deans and, potentially, a separately-appointed chairman) charged with developing detailed proposals for the six current resource centres to combine, probably into one unitary school, with a target date of August 1998; in the meantime, the intention is to maintain six resource centres (Animal Physiology and Nutrition being combined with Biology) for 1997-98
  4. Title subject to further discussion

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