Reporter 399, 17 March 1997

Engineers join a high power race

A team of Leeds mechanical engineering students is competing with 90 entrants from all over the world to design, build, test and race a Formula-style racing car in just twelve months. It will be the first university team outside the USA to take part in the Formula SAE competition, held every year in Detroit by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

The overall design was completed by five MSc students last year, and a group of eighteen undergraduates are taking the project through the detailed design, build and testing phases in preparation for the competition in May.

Restrictions on the design are limited to allow for greater creativity, and the car must be low cost, easy to maintain and reliable. Appearance, fuel economy and comfort are also taken into account in the judging.

The project team has secured sponsorship from Shell, Alcom Components Ltd and BBA Friction and is seeking further funding for the trip and their quest to win the title of top first year entrants.

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