Reporter 398, 3 March 1997

Union vote settles pay dispute

The six month pay dispute was brought to an end when a clear majority of AUT members - over 90% - voted to accept the universities' offer of a 2.9% increase, backdated to April 1996, plus 2.9% for the twelve months from April 1997, together with the commitment by university employers to campaign for an independent pay review body. In the ballot, 99.2% were in favour of a pay review body for academic and academic-related staff. In a separate survey by the AUT, nearly three quarters of MPs signalled strong support for an independent pay review body.

Clerical and ancillary staff had already voted to accept their offer (see Reporter 397).

University members can expect the increase for April 1996 to be implemented in March for academic and related, technical and ancillary staff, and in February for clerical staff.

Payment of the 1997 increase, due on 1 April, will need to await confirmation of the March Retail Prices Index figure. Personnel said every effort will be made to pay increases to academic and related, technical and ancillary staff in April pay packets. Increases to clerical salaries will be paid, as usual, in July.

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