Reporter 398, 3 March 1997

Dog team joins fight against crime

The University Security Service annual report showed that campus crime dropped by 7 per cent in 1996.

The security service has also formed its own dog patrol section - and four officers have been partnered with German Shepherds to patrol on the campus and at halls of residence.

Computer equipment theft has fallen by around two thirds, and car and motor vehicle thefts have fallen by 57 per cent - although this has partially been offset by an increase in thefts from vehicles.

To counter vehicle theft, three traffic exit barriers have been installed, and five existing barriers have been improved. A crime prevention booklet is to be produced, and a freshers' week exhibition was held to highlight prevalent crimes.

A serious attack took place on a female student near the James Baillie flats in Northville Road, Headingley. University authorities are co-operating with a police investigation.

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