Reporter 397, 17 February 1997

The New Director of Clinical research for Imperial Cancer Research Fund

The new director of Clinical research for Imperial Cancer research fund is professor Peter Selby, Professor of Cancer Medicine at the University of Leeds and director of the charity's Cancer Medicine research unit in St James University Hospital , Leeds. Professor Selby's new post is in addition to his current duties.

He succeeds Professor Nicholas Wright who recently relinquished the post to become Dean of the Royal Postgraduate Medical school, Hammersmith and vice Principle of research at the Imperial college of Science, Technology and Mdicine.

Professor Selby is an internationally renowned cancer specialist who set up specialist medical oncology service in Leeds in 1988 and, with the support from the NHS and other agencies expanded it around Yorkshire to the point where it is the largest and most successful regional oncology service in the country.

He became the director of ICRF's Cancer Medicine Research Unit in Leeds when it opened in 1993. His unit carries out a wide range of research together with clinical trials across a whole range of cancers.

Professor Selby has a special interest in improving cancer services across the board. He is consultant advisor on Cancer services to the Chief Medical Officers and was a leading member of the expert advisory group which proposed the reorganisation of Cancer services in he UK. The proposals accepted by the Governmen , aim to give uniform specialist qaulity care for every patient through the creation of a UK-wide network of specialist centre and units.

Professor Selby said he was honoured to have been chosen to head the Imperial Cancer's research programme.

"This is an exiting time for researches who are seeking to take the major advances of the biology laboratories and develop them into successful medical care for cancer. "We have a Network of major hospitals across the UK where we are all well placed to do this. We also intend to initiate new collaborations with industry in order to help patient benifit from our discovery as speedily as possible."

The Imperial Cancer research Fund is dedicated to the understanding, prevention and cure of all forms of Cancer. Its scientists and doctors are at the forefront at the world-wide effort to defeat cancer. The Charity relies almost totally on Voluntary funding to carry out its vital work.

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