Reporter 397, 17 February 1997

Tales from the front

The personal experiences of British First World War soldiers - their first-hand accounts of the war, their hopes, fears and opinions - can all be accessed at the Brotherton Library public menu under network databases.

A multimedia presentation of First World War archive material - 'Soldiers In Khaki' - taken from the Liddle Collection, incorporates photographs, paintings, text and sound files and gives a comprehensive account of soldiers on the Western Front during the First World War, and offers an analysis of the aftermath of those years.

The presentation is being held by the Liddle Collection in conjunction with the Computer-Based Learning support office and was produced initially as a demonstration for the Leeds International Commemoration (1914-1918) exhibition held in August and September 1994. The new full version has searching capabilities, and other functions can be included to allow its use as a learning resource.

If you are interested in using this material for teaching and require more information, contact Heidi Gill [], or Matthew Richardson [] more

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