Reporter 397, 17 February 1997

Progress towards new structure

Restructuring plans made progress through last week's Senate meeting with broad endorsement of a new structure based on seven faculties, each mirrored by a research school.

Reports were received of extensive and 'highly productive' discussions on both the principle and detail of change in and between faculties and departments across the campus.

In most cases, boundary issues - the location of departments in the new structure - seem close to agreement although further work is needed in certain areas. Three different resource centre models are being developed to meet the particular academic and administrative needs of departments.

The new structure will allow for:

The original proposals have been subject to significant development and refinement as a result of consultation and discussion by Academic Development Committee and Senate itself, the meeting was told.

The move towards change, said the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alan Wilson, continues to be evolutionary, with progress through agreement.

It is now envisaged that the bulk of the changes will be agreed and "well under way" by August 1997. WWW

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