Reporter 397, 17 February 1997

Lectures and Seminars

Tuesday 18 February

Sporulation in Streptomyces: a Committee Decision?
Professor K Chater, John Innes Ctr, Norwich
1 pm: Microbiology Lecture Theatre, Old Medical School

Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Pain
Dr A Beese
1 pm: Rm 6.55, School of Dentistry Monetary Valuation and Sustainable Development: A Critique
Dr John Bowers
4 pm: Geography Lecture Theatre, Environment Ctr

The Hollowing Out of Democracy: Nicaragua and El Salvador
Terry Gibbs, Sussex
4 pm: Room 13.08, Politics

The Treatment of Rape and Child Victims as Witnesses of Crime
Helen Reeves, National Chairperson, Victim Support
5.15 pm: Upper Chapel, Nuffield Inst, Fairbairn Hse, 71-75 Clarendon Rd

Wednesday 19 February

Mitotic Division of the Golgi Apparatus in Animal Cells
Professor Graham Warren, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London
1 pm: Clarendon Wing Lecture Theatre

Photochemistry of Organometallic Complexes Facilitating C-H Bond Activation
Professor A J Lees, SUNY Binghamton, USA
1.10 pm: Seminar Rm 1:34, Chemistry

GMR in Heterogeneous Alloys
Dr Mark Watson, Coventry
2 pm: Seminar Room 2, Physics & Astronomy

Statistical Contributions to the BSE Debate
Professor John Kent
4 pm: Inst of Epidemiology, 34 Hyde Terrace

Marco Polo Never Went to China
Dr Frances Wood, British Library
4 pm: Rm 9.01, ESS Bldg

Labour Pains in South Korea
Aidan Foster-Carter
4.15 pm: Room 10.03, Economic & Social Studies Bldg

Thursday 20 February

Reading the Qur'an: The Problem of Abrogation
Dr Norman Calder, Manchester
9.30 am: Rm G20, Hopewell Hse, Theology & Religious Studies

The First Year of Privatised Railfreight Operations
N Jones, EW & S Railways
11.05 am: ITS Lecture Room

Mechanisms of Paroxysm in Plasmodium vivax Malaria
Dr Richard Carter, Edinburgh
1 pm: LT13, Roger Stevens Bldg

Genetic Engineering for Novel Polyketide Antibiotics
Professor Sir David Hopwood, FRS, John Innes Centre, Norwich
1 pm: Level 7, Medical Lecture Theatre, Worsley Bldg

Andy Barnicoat
1 pm: TL5, Earth Sciences

Practical Method for Determining Core Competencies
Dr Volcker, Ludwigshafen, Germany
4 pm: Research Library, ESS Bldg

Corrosion: A Ten Billion Pound Industry?
Professor G E Thompson, UMIST
4.15 pm: LTD, Chemistry

An Interdisciplinary Study of Rhythm: Rhythms of Language, Music and Dance
Fumio Yamamoto, Newcastle
4.30 pm: Lecture Rm 2, 14 Cromer Terrace

The Responsibilities and Opportunities for the Subsidised Arts in Education
Dominic Gray, Director and Head of Education, Opera North
5 pm: Rm 3, Beech Grove House

Fortifications in England in the Reign of King Alfred the Great
Professor Alfred Smyth, Kent
5.30 pm: LG15, Michael Sadler Bldg

Friday 21 February

Bayes Methods for Surface Reconstruction
Dr Edwin Hancock, York
2 pm: LT15, Roger Stevens Bldg

Saturday 22 February

Religion and Myth in Italian Literature
Italian Conference - various speakers
9.30 am - 6 pm: LT20, Roger Stevens Bldg

Monday February 24

Embedding Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamical Systems
Professor D Broomhead, UMIST
3 pm: LT5, Roger Stevens Bldg

Caste in British Sikh Communities
Dr Seva Singh Kalsi
4 pm: Rm B.01, Hopewell Hse, Theology & Religious Studies

Blessing or Curse? The Place of Religion in Uganda's Recent History, from Amin to Museveni
Amos Kasibante & Kevin Ward
7 pm: University House

Tuesday 25 February

Mr M Manogue
1 pm: Rm 6.55, School of Dentistry

How Antibiotic-producing Organisms avoid Suicide
Professor Eric Cundliffe, Leicester
1 pm: Microbiology Lecture Theatre, Old Medical School

Globalisation and the Social State
Professor David Armstrong, Durham
5 pm: Rm 202, Parkinson Bldg

Wednesday 26 February

The Chemical-viral Aetiology of Liver Cancer in Man
Professor Christopher Wild
1 pm: Dental Lecture Theatre

Studies in Isotopic Labelling: From Antibiotics to Sugar Transporter Proteins
Dr R B Herbert
1.10 pm: Seminar Rm 1:34, Chemistry

Narrow-Gap GMR Semiconductors for High Density Magnetic Recording
Professor Stuart A Solin, Blackett Lab, ICL/NEC Research Inst, Princeton, USA
2 pm: Seminar Room 2, Dept of Physics & Astronomy

Dairy Production in Thailand
Richard Ashworth, VSO, Farmers World Network
4 pm: 6.57d, Animal Physiology & Nutrition Staff Common Rm

The Design of Drugs Acting on Nucleotide Receptors
Dr John Dixon, Astra Charnwood
4 pm: Lecture Theatre B, School of Chemistry

Reconceptualising Teacher Talk
Jenny Jarvis
4.30 pm: Beech Grove House, School of Education

The Environmental Consequences of Cleaning up a Smelter Site
Mr J Lytton, Consultant
7 pm: Mining and Mineral Eng

Thursday 27 February

Pannenberg and Modern Psychology
Dr Jacqui Stewart
9.30 am: Rm G20, Hopewell House, Theology & Religious Studies

Project Appraisal at London Transport
Neil Fleming, London Transport
11.05 am: ITS Lecture Room

Slabs, Plumes and Plateaux: Inferring Tectonic Evolution from 3-D Velocity Models
John Vandecar, Nature
1 pm: LT5, Earth Sciences

Genetics and Physiology of Arsentae Tolerance in Grasses
Dr Andrew Meharg, ITE, Monkswood
1 pm: LT13, Roger Stevens Bldg

Imre Lakatos and the Ethics of Scientific Appraisal
Robin Hendry, Durham
3 pm: G17, Philosophy Seminar Rm

New Funding Arrangements for NHS Research and Development
Dave Richards, R & D Manager, Leeds Community and Mental Health Services Trust
3.30 pm: Division of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences in Relation to Medicine, 15 Hyde Terrace

The Impact of Current Events in Afghanistan on Central Asia
Jonathan Lee
4.30 pm: Foyer, Russian & Slavonic Studies, Michael Sadler Bldg

Franz Schreker and Film Music
Christopher Hailey, USA
4.30pm: Lecture Rm 2, 14 Cromer Terrace

The Education of Adults: A Peek into the Future from the Past
Professor Roger Fieldhouse, Exeter
5 pm: University House, Contact 4656 to reserve a place

Monday 3 March

Centre for Nonlinear Studies
Half-day Meeting
2-5 pm: LT5, Roger Stevens Bldg

Engineering of Mycobacteria to Produce Cytokines: Use in Cancer Immunotherapy
Dr Andrew Jackson
6.30 pm: Seminar/Lecture Room, Gledhow Wing, SJUH

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