Reporter 395, 20 January 1997


Quentin Bell

Professor Quentin Bell died on December 16 1996 aged 86. He came to Leeds in 1959 from King's College, Newcastle and accepted the Headship of the Department of Fine Art at Leeds on the misunderstanding that he was to institute a practice of art, as he always insisted that the history of art and its practice should go hand in hand. Immediately Quentin startled art history students by introducing life-drawing on Wednesday afternoons.

Throughout his time at Leeds, he continued his own art practice - his 'Dreamer', a cast of a levitating lady, stood for many years next to the Edward Boyle Library.

Quentin Bell's many publications include The Schools of Design (1963); Victorian Artists (1967), Bloomsbury (1968) and a prize winning biography of his aunt, Virginia Woolf (1972). In 1967 he left Leeds to become Professor of the History and Theory of Art at Sussex University, a post he held until retirement in 1977.

Quentin did not suffer fools gladly. He was irreverent towards sacred cows, and he defended the despised. He cared very much about his writing, which is scholarly, plain, yet elegant and full of wit.

Quentin Bell was blessed with creativity, intelligence and kindliness; his removal to Sussex saddened his many friends at Leeds. He continued painting, potting and sculpting until his death. It was our inestimable privilege that he was at Leeds for those eight years.


Kenneth Lovell

Professor Kenneth Lovell died on 4 December 1996 aged 81. Professor Lovell was appointed in 1957 as Lecturer in the Institute of Education and later, in 1965, became Reader. He became Professor of Educational Psychology in 1969 and worked in Computer Based Learning, as Associate Director, from its inception in 1969 until he retired from the University in 1981. As an Honorary Research Fellow, Professor Lovell's association with t he CBLU continued after his retirement from the University.

David Bromham

David Bromham died on 3 December 1996 aged 51. Dr Bromham joined the University as a Lecturer/Honorary Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at St James's in 1982, being promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1985. He served as acting Head of Department in 1984/85 and was an elected member of Senate from 1985-88. Dr Bromham's external distinctions included periods as a Council Member and later Chairperson of the National Association of Family Planning Doctors.

Paul Field

Paul Field died on 30 November 1996 aged 47. It is a measure of the close attachment between Paul Field and the University of Leeds that although he was tragically young at the time of his death, Paul had already received his 25 year long service award.

Paul Field joined the University in 1964 at the age of 15, as a junior technician in the Department of Botany. Paul trained hard and made Grade 7 in 1986, and many junior technicians were themselves trained by Paul.

Paul was more than a colleague to those that he worked with. He had a dry sense of humour, a good supply of optimism and a sensitivity to the feelings of others that made him a friend of workmates from all walks of life.

Paul was a gentleman in both senses of the word. We will miss him terribly.

David Pilbeam
Director of Studies, Biology


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