Reporter 395, 20 January 1997

Leeds celebrates success in university research survey

Leeds is rated seventh in the country when ranked by its "research power" according to a new analysis of the results of the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) which measures volume of research activity.

The findings, published in Research Fortnight magazine, confirm the position of the University as one of the largest and fastest-growing research-based institutions in the UK.

Three quarters of the University's 1116 active research staff, in 35 departments, achieved the highest scores of 4 and 5, a substantial increase on 1992. Four departments - Mechanical Engineering, Transport Studies, Food Science and Italian - won the top accolade of 5* in recognition of world-beating research.

Grade 5 departments, with 'virtually all' research of international or national excellence, are Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chemistry (including Colour Chemistry), Physics, Earth Sciences, Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Geography, English, History, Fine Art, Music and Education (including Continuing Education).

Staff in another 19 areas were scored at 4, with research of national excellence throughout the department and areas of international standing: Animal Physiology and Nutrition, Biology, Business and Economic Studies, Classics, Computer Studies, Dentistry, East Asian Studies, French, Fuel and Energy, Law, Materials, Mineral and Mining Engineering, Philosophy, Psychology, Russian and Slavonic Studies, Sociology and Social Policy, Spanish and Portuguese, Textile Industries, and Theology and Religious Studies.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alan Wilson, said the University was 'pleased and proud' of the achievements of staff across the campus.

Further details are available on the Reporter web site. A full analysis of the results will appear with the next Reporter.

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